From time to time, you will asked to reset course completion status so your users can re-take their courses. Here's how to reset course completion in the eLeaP eLearning system.

  • First check to make sure the course contains completions as you can only reset a course status which has been completed. You can see course statuses from the [Stats] tab.

  • Once you have confirmed completions, click the [Manage Course] link to go to the Course management tab. Click the [Course Definitions] tab to access the 'Available After Completion' setting.

  • Toggle the [Available After Completion] to Off and save. Then click the [Stats] tab to reset your users' course status.

  • Locate the user(s) you need to reset their course completion status. Check the box next to their name and click the [Reset Completion Status] button. 

  • Don't forget to change the [Available After Completion] back to on (if needed).

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