Employee/User Leave Request Form

Step 1:

To request leave or time off, click the [REQUEST] tab or the [Click here to make a new request] link.

Step 2:

Clicking the [REQUEST] button goes to the Leave Request Form. The employee simply selects the day or days they wish to request leave for by clicking on the requested leave days in the calendar on their right side. Once the day or days are selected, the employee can select the type of leave request: Paid or Unpaid.

Note: Pay attention to the information section of the page which gives you data on how many of your colleagues are out of the office on the requested day(s).

Employees can use the [Purpose] option to select the kind of custom leave you have set. Employees can also request leave in hourly chunks. If they uncheck the [Full Day] option, they can add the number of hours they wish to be off for. They can also add a reason for the leave so that account administrators have a better understanding of the reason for the leave request.

The employee can then submit the request by clicking [SEND REQUEST]. An email is automatically sent to the account Administrator to process this new request and a confirmation or response will be sent to the user’s email address on file. 

Once your request is processed (approved or rejected), you will receive an email alert about the result and you can sign into your account to see the details.

Once the employee logs into their account, they can click on the [Approved] button to see more details of their approved vacation request including any messages the administrator might have attached to the approval.

Of course, if the request is not granted, the employee/user can click on the [Not granted] button to see the details on why this request was not approved.

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