Click the [Employees] tab on left top menu to show a listing of all your organization’s employees. The employees’ area enables you to easily manage all aspects of your organization’s users or employees.

All Employees Listing

The listing of employees is comprehensive showing employee name, email, group, and days off allotted. You can click on the [Employee’s Name] to display more details on that particular employee including options to edit and adjust the employee’s Days Off allotment.

Add Employee

To add an employee, simply click the [Add employee +] button. You can then enter the employee First Name, Last Name, Employee Email, Group (if needed) and Annual Paid Days Off (if needed), Accrual, Daily Working Hours, Accrual Method, and Accrual Limit. If you don’t add an [Annual Paid Days Off] number, the default number of Paid Days Off will automatically be assigned to the new user or employee. Click [Add] to add the new user or employee.

Edit Employee

To edit an existing employee, click the [edit] button. You can then edit all existing information related to this employee including First Name, Last Name, Employee Email, Annual Paid Days Off and Group. Click [Save] to save and exit this screen.

Delete Employee

To delete an existing employee, click the [Delete] button. You will be required to confirm deletion by clicking [Delete] or [Don't].

Please NOTE: Delete is final. If an employee is deleted all their leave and vacation tracking activity is deleted from the system and CAN’T be retrieved.

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