Click on [Reports] to access the Reports area in CaptureLeave. 

Reports are divided into three sections:

  • Company Leave Report

  • Groups Leave Report

  • Employees Leave Report 

Company Leave Report

The Company Leave Report gives you a quick visual in pie chart, graph and calendar format of how your organization’s leaves of absence or vacation tracking is shaping out.

Click on the chart icon to see your Company Leave Report in the chart format 

To see the details on Paid Days Off or Paid Hours Off actually taken or left, mouse over the pie chart. 

Your Company Leave Report also includes a day-by-day calendar section which shows which days have been taken.

Color-coded day monitor.
Clicking on any colored day gives you the details of who is at work versus who is absent for that particular day.

This is helpful in alerting you to potential overscheduling.  

Group Leave Report

To get Group level report, click on the [Groups] tab in the Reports area. 

The Groups report show how users in your groups are taking their vacation days. From the example above your Braves are spending more time outside the office than your Senior Managers.

Employees Leave Report

The Employees’ Leave Report is available in the [Employees] tab of the Reports section.

This report gives you an employee listing showing how many days off the employee has requested and approved versus total outstanding vacation days. 

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