Clicking on the Dashboard link in your CaptureLeave account displays the Dashboard

The Dashboard itself displays a quick overview of your account. It displays the Days Off chart, Recent Leaves requests, Days Off types legend, as well as a 4-month Quick Calendar showing leave requests in a snapshot view. Your Dashboard also displays any Custom Labels you have. Simply click on the leave label to get details. You can also click on any colored calendar date to get the leaves off details for that particular day.

Processing Leave Requests

If you have a Pending Request, you can click on the [Pending] button to approve or reject the Pending Request. You may choose to [Add a message] to the approval or rejection action. This message is then emailed to the user in question.

You can also click on the  label to see all pending leave requests.

Accessing Various Leave Types

CaptureLeave uses a color-coded system to enable you easily differentiate between different types of leave request. Simply click on the particular type of leave request or details in your Dashboard to get additional information on it.

For example, clicking on [FMLA] will display all employees who have requested [FMLA] leave. You can click on the employee’s name to see additional details about the leave request.

Accessing Quick Calendar – Days

The 4-month calendar shown on the dashboard enables you to quickly click on a particular day to see who is out and who is in. Firstly, the days off are individually color coded so you have an idea of the type of leave request that was taken.

For example, we clicked on September 20th, we got this detail page:

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