From your Settings tab, you can edit your Account, Organization, Groups and even Import your users (employees) or create Custom Labels.

In this article, we will look at how to properly set your Organization's settings. Your CaptureLeave [Settings] can also be accessed from the dropdown menu for your profile.

Settings > Organization

As indicated earlier, selecting Organization on the ‘Settings’ menu displays the Organization screen, where your Organization’s details including Name, Default number of Days Off, Date Format, Allow Hourly Requests, Carry Forward Unused Days, Accrual and Accrual Method and Legal Holidays is shown and stored.

  1. Click [Edit] to change the current Name, Default Days Off or Date. 

  2. Most organizations will probably set their Default Days Off to 14 days and US based organizations will set the Date Format to mm-dd-yyyy (month, day, and year) format. 

  3. The Carry Forward Unused Days, enables the CaptureLeave system to store and accumulate unused vacation days from year to year. Simply select Yes or No to set the right option for your organization.

  4. Check the box next to [Allow Hourly Requests] if you want your employees to request leaves in hourly and or day or multi-day time formats. Please remember, once activated, this feature cannot be deactivated in the future.

  5. If you check the [Allow Hourly Requests] option, you will need to set the default number of daily work hours in your organization. Most organizations have eight (8) working hours in a typical work day. 

  6. **New. You can now use Accruals to enable your employees to earn their accrued vacation days. Set the Accrual Method that is suitable for your organization. You can also set user or group level accrual methods. You can choose any of these options -  Daily, Twice a month, Every two weeks, First of the month, Once a month and Yearly.

  7. Click [Save] to save your Organization settings.

  8. Click [Set Legal Holidays] to add your annual list of legal holidays. Next, click [Add Holidays] to save your list of Annual Holidays.You can always go back and change or edit this holidays’ list.

  9. Alternatively, you can import the system generated Annual Holidays’ list. 

  10. To get back to your Settings’ tab, click the  button. 

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