Click the [MY ACTIVITY] tab to access and download your activity reports including Course Completion history and scores.

Click the [DOWNLOAD COMPLETION REPORT] link to download your personal complete activity. As shown in the following illustration, your activity report will be downloaded as a PDF.

You can also download your quiz results transcripts for your tests. To download your transcripts, click the [DOWNLOAD TRANSCRIPTS .


** If your Course Instructor chooses to enable Completion Certificates, you can download your Course Certificate from your Course Details screen by clicking [DOWNLOAD CERTIFICATE] button or link.

As shown in the following illustration, you are presented with the option to either Open or Save the .PDF-formatted Certificate File. Choose the Open option to open the file, and then save it to your computer, or click the Save option to download the file and then use your PDF reader to open it.

Whichever option you choose, the Certificate file, when viewed from within your PDF reader, will look similar to the following example.

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