To take a Quiz Assessment click the [COURSE QUIZ] tab within the Course Details screen. 

Note: You will need to have accessed and completed your Course Content prior to accessing the Quiz Center.

Once you reach the final Lesson within a Course, click [START YOUR QUIZ to start a Quiz associated with that Course, as shown in the following illustration.

The Quiz screen, illustrated below, is displayed. Make sure to read all relevant quiz instructions. When ready to start, click [START QUIZ] to start the Quiz.

The Questions screen, illustrated below, is displayed. As you answer each question within the Quiz, click [NEXT] to continue.

As you move through a Quiz, you will notice that you can click [PREVIOUS] to return to previous questions if you are unsure of your answer and want to change it, as shown in the following illustration.

eLeaP™ has five (5) Quiz question types or formats: 

Multiple Choice/True/False,Sequence/Sort Order/Ranking,Essay/Short Answer/Explanation, Multiple Choice with Explanation, and Hotspot, Find Errors 

To answer a “Multiple Choice” or “True or False” quiz question, choose the answer option(s) that best satisfies the requirement of the question. Click [NEXT] to advance to the Next Question.

Repeat this process as many times as needed to answer other Multiple Choice or True or False questions.

To answer a “Sequence, Sort Order or Ranking” type questions, click the answer choice or option you wish to arrange. You can then click the TOP or BOTTOM arrows to move the answer choice to the exact or correct answer location you want. An example of such a question might be to arrange the planets in the correct order from the nearest to the sun. You will click on any one of the answer choices and then use the TOP or BOTTOM arrows to arrange them as follows: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter …”

If you are asked to answer a question that requires a short answer or an essay, all you have to do is type in your answer in the text box provided.

You might be required to explain your Multiple Choice answer. First choose the correct answer to the Multiple Choice question and then type in your explanation in the text box. 

The last question type in the eLeaP™ LMS Quiz Creator is the “Hotspot or Find the Error” question type. To correctly identify errors or other requirements in the ‘Hotspot’ or ‘Find the Error’ type question, click the relevant area of the image and type in your comment or answer explanation for your choice or selection. 

**If you are satisfied with your answers, ‘submit your quiz answers’

Once you reach the end of a Quiz, click to submit your answers.

The Quiz Results screen, illustrated below, is displayed.

** Your submission is FINAL and irreversible. You can petition your instructor to reset your Quiz.

If you don’t finish a Quiz within its allotted time, or you don’t answer enough of the questions correctly, the following screen will be displayed, allowing you to retake the Quiz. Click [RETRY] to retake the Quiz or click the [ACCEPT SCORE TO PASS] link to accept this score.

When you do successfully complete a Quiz, the following screen will be displayed.

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