To access your Learning Path Center, click  on the top navigation menu. The available Learning Paths will be displayed. Click [the name of your assigned Learning Path] to see the details of your personalized Learning Path.

You can also click on your assigned learning paths from your account dashboard:

Note: Some Courses in your Learning Path might require Quiz Assessment.

To begin accessing Courses in your assigned learning path, click on the name of the available Courses.

As shown in the following illustration, the Access Course screen, illustrated below, is displayed. This screen displays the details for the Course. When you are ready to begin, click [START COURSE]. 

To get back to the courses in the assigned Learning Path, click the [BACK TO LEARNING PATH DETAILS] link.


Some learning paths have different navigation requirements. For example, a Preset Navigation Learning Path means you are required to complete the courses within the training in a pre-defined order. Sometimes this will require you to pass a quiz. If you are not able to proceed to the next course within the learning path, please contact your course instructor.

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