Congratulations on your course assignment. To access your assigned course, click on the name of the relevant course. You can start on your dashboard or your [Assigned Courses] area.

Once you click on the name of your assigned Course, you will first access the Course Details page, as shown in the illustration below.

The Course Details page contains important information about your assigned Course. You should pay special attention to Course Description, Objectives, Completion Status, Deadlines, etc.

To begin accessing your Course content, click the first link within the Content portion of the screen, or click [START COURSE] button. You can also click the [START COURSE] link in the top right section of your page.

You can collapse or expand the Table of Contents (TOC) Menu to suit your style. To collapse the TOC, click expander icon.

Click the icon again to expand the TOC

Course Features:

The following course functionality is also available:

Course Quiz

You might be required to take a post Course quiz assessment. If you are required to, click on the [COURSE QUIZ] tab to access your quiz. More on quizzes later

Note: You will need to complete your Course before you are allowed to access the quiz center. 


Your Course Instructor might require some post-Course feedback assessment. This will help them measure the success of your online learning experience. Please answer these questions to the best of your ability. To start the course feedback, click the [FEEDBACK] tab in the course.


Click on [DISCUSS] sub menu link to access topics related to your Course.

You can send private messages to your Course Instructor. These messages will only be available to your Instructor. 

You can send public messages to be posted on the course discussion area. These public messages will be available to other users assigned to your particular training Course or e-learning program.


A Glossary is a list of terms with the definitions for those terms. Traditionally, a glossary appears at the end of a book and includes terms within that book which are either newly introduced or at least uncommon. Click [GLOSSARY] on the Course Details screen to view its Glossary.


Get answers to some frequently asked questions by clicking [FAQ] on the Course Details screen. 


Your Course Instructor has created useful web-based resources list for this Course. Access these helpful web resources by clicking [RESOURCES] on the Course Details screen.


Create your own portfolio of your online e-learning or training experience. Add files, upload notes, add web links etc. Create a private journal of your e-learning journey. To get started, click the [NOTES] tab. You can then add notes and upload files as shown below.

As shown in the following illustration, you can click the upload a file with this note link to add files, and you can enter and format text within the Content Editor.

Once you are satisfied with the Note, click [SUBMIT] to add your new note.

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