The new Training Path system displays a reports summary once you click on the Training Path name. The Path Completion, Quizzes Taken, Average Quiz Score, Completion By Course charts provide a quick insight into the status of your training path. Further, selecting the [COMPLETION REPORT] tab on the Training Path Details screen displays the Completion Report details for your assigned users, as shown in the following illustration. A Summary Report bar is presented, with a numerical representation of the progress that has been made on this Training Path. You can filter by user name or user group. You can also filter by Custom Fields. To filter simply select or enter input and click [FILTER].

Additionally, you can click the [DOWNLOAD COMPLETION REPORT AS XLS] or [DOWNLOAD STATS AS PDF] links to export the Completion Report or Stats Report to a local drive on your computer.

As shown in the following illustration, when the report opens in Excel, you can see the First Name, Last Name, Email, Progress (%), Progress status and User Groups details for each user who has been assigned to the Training Path.

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