Selecting [LEARNING PATHS] on the main menu bar displays the Learning Paths screen, with the MANAGE LEARNING PATHS tab selected, as shown in the following illustration. A Learning Path is a collection of courses that the student must pass in order to achieve the defined Learning Path’s certification. Each Learning Path that you create is displayed on the Learning Paths list, with the Name, Created By, Date Created and the Active/Inactive status details shown for that specific Learning Path.

Adding a New Learning Path

Clicking the [ADD LEARNING PATH] link within the Learning Path screen’s Manage Learning Paths tab displays the Add Learning Path screen, as shown in the following illustration. Use the steps below to add a Learning Path to the system.

Enter a Name for the new Learning Path in the Name field.

Enter a Description for the new Learning Path within the Description box.

Select YES from the Active list to make the new Learning Path Active, or select NO to make it Inactive.

Select YES from the Pre-Set Navigation list to prevent Users from continuing to the next Course(s) in Learning Path until they complete/pass previous Courses, or select NO to not implement this restriction. This is a powerful tool for combining Courses into larger modules.

Select YES from the Self-Enrollment list to ensure that 'Not Started' Courses are not listed in Users' Activity Reports, or select NO to ensure that those Courses are listed. Use the Self-Enrollment option to create internal Course Catalogs which your assigned Users can then select from. The Self-Enrollment system does not penalize users for not viewing Courses and they can select which Courses they are interested in. Your Users will benefit from the knowledge centers you can create, and you will save time because you don’t have to ‘micro manage’ the course assignment process.

Click [ADD LEARNING PATH] to create the new Learning Path. It will be displayed on the Learning Paths list, in alphabetical order.

Adding Courses to a Learning Path

Selecting a Learning Path’s Name on the Learning Paths list displays the Learning Path Details screen, illustrated below. Selecting the [ADD NEW COURSES] or the [MANAGE LEARNING PATH] link on this screen allows you to build a list of Courses that the student must successfully complete before they can be certified as having satisfied all of the requirements necessary for that Learning Path.

When you click the add new courses link, the Add New Courses screen is displayed, as shown in the following illustration. You can filter the Courses list by entering a Name in the Name field and by selecting a Course Category from the Course Category list, or both, and then clicking [FILTER]. Use the steps below to successfully add new Courses to a Learning Path. 

On this screen, select the check box for each Course that you want to add to the Learning Path, and then click [ADD SELECTED].

As shown in the following illustration, the Courses that you selected are added to the Learning Path Details screen.

Don’t forget to set toggle the learning path to ON  if you want to activate your New Learning Path. 

Note: You can edit your Learning Path, add and delete courses and also assign mandatory Quiz or assessments for the individual courses in that Learning Path.

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