Selecting the [USER GROUP ACTIVITY] tab on the User Groups screen displays the User Group Activity screen, illustrated below. This screen displays the current activity for each Member of User Group on a User Group Activity list. A User’s Name, Course, Progress, Quiz, Quiz Completed, Release Certificate and Deadline details for a User and Course. You can filter what is displayed on the User Activity list by selecting a User Group from the User Group list, selecting a Course from the Course list, or by defining a date range using the Calendar icon to select the beginning and end date for the range or by manually entering those dates, and then clicking [APPLY FILTERS].

Exporting User Group Activity

Selecting the Export User Activity tab on the User Groups screen allows you to export all User Activity for the User Groups displayed on the Users Groups list to your computer. As shown in the following illustration, you are presented with the option to Open or Save the User Groups Activity.xls file to a local drive on your computer.

Once you have downloaded the file, it is displayed within Excel, as shown in the following illustration. The Course, Full Name, Email, Description, Assigned Date, Deadline, Progress, Completion Date, Quiz Completed, Quiz Score, Quiz Pass Score, Quiz Max Score, Quiz Status, Quiz Completion Date, User Groups(s) and Active/Inactive details for each User Activity/Course combination on the User Activity list is displayed.

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