Do you have to create user accounts for multiple users? With eLeaP™, you don’t have to go through the hassle of creating each account one at a time. Use the Import Users feature to accomplish this task. Selecting the IMPORT USERS tab on the Users screen displays the Import Users screen, as shown in the following illustration. 

To import users into your account, select the click here link to begin the Import Process. You will be presented with a dialog that allows you to either Open, Save or Save As the bulk_users.xls file.

Selecting the Save option will download the file to your computer, where you can open it in Excel to add the Users that you would like to import. As shown in the following illustration, the bulk users file provides you with First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, Email and Is instructor columns of potential User information. Enter each User’s information in their respective fields, changing the Is instructor column data from 0 to 1 if the User will be an Instructor. If you have enabled Custom Fields for your account, you can also import the data for these fields. Simply add the names of your fields as additional headers in the import file, and the respective values for your Users. When finished, save the file for uploading to the system. Since the file opened in Read-Only mode, click OK when Excel displays the Save a Copy dialog, and then name file within the Save as dialog and click Save.

Now you can return to the IMPORT USERS tab and select the upload batch file link, as shown in the following illustration.

The Processed Users screen, illustrated below, is displayed, confirming that your imported Users have been added. If importing these users has pushed you past the maximum number of Users based on your price plan, as shown in the message on this example screen, please contact [email protected].

Updating Users through Import

When importing users, if the “update info for existing users from the list” box is checked, then you can update information for many existing users at once. 

Note: if a field is left blank in the import file, it will make that field blank in the system. If you do not wish to overwrite existing data for a user, make sure that data is included in your import file!

Custom Fields

Selecting the Custom Fields tab on the Users screen will allow you to manage custom profile fields in your account. Use the [ADD NEW FIELD] button to create a new Custom Field. Simply enter the name of the new field into the text box, then click [SAVE] to save your work.

After adding a Custom Field, you will be able to populate that field through the Add New User, Edit User Profile, and/or Import Users functions.


You can use your Custom Fields to filter lists of Users. On the main Users screen, for example, you can click on the “Show custom fields filters” link below the Name field in the filtering area to access these filters. Select which field you want to filter by, the condition you want to use in your filter, and then enter a value for the filter. Press the Filter button to apply. You may use multiple filters at one time. You will find these filters on most reports and assignment pages.

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