Clicking a User’s Name on the Users list within the Users screen displays the User Activity screen for that User, as shown in the following illustration. As shown in the illustration, this screen displays the Courses Created, Assigned Courses, Completed Quizzes, Completed Quizzes (SCORM), Assigned User Groups and Assigned Learning Paths for that User. You can filter what is displayed here by entering a date range, either entering dates in the From and To fields, or using the Calendar icon to select those dates, and then clicking [FILTER].

Clicking the Download User Activity link allows you to download this information to your computer as an Excel file. As shown in the following illustration, you can use the Open option to open the file immediately, and then save it within Excel, or you can use the Save option to save the file to your computer.

The following illustration shows the file open in Excel. 

Selecting the  tab displays the View profile screen for the currently selected User, as shown in the following illustration. In addition to the options described within the Editing Your Profile Fields section of the document, you can add Notes, and upload a File to attach to those Notes for the User, set a new Password for the User, and resend Email Confirmation for the User. You can also delete the picture associated with the Profile, replace that picture with another, or edit the User Profile fields. 

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