Selecting the [USERS] tab on the main menu bar displays the Users screen, illustrated below. Each user created is displayed on the Users list, with their Name, Level, Email, Description and Date Created details shown. You are also given the capability of setting a User’s Status as Active or Inactive. Users can be added to the system manually, or imported from your computer, and you can export User Activity details from the system to a local drive on your computer.

You can filter which Users are displayed on the Users list by selecting a Level from the Levels list, selecting a User Group from the User Group list, and or selecting either Active or Inactive from the Is Active? list, and then clicking [APPLY FILTERS].

 Video Tutorial:

Adding a New User

Clicking the [ADD NEW USER] button on the Users screen allows you to add additional Users to the system. As shown in the following illustration, the Add User dialog is displayed. Use the steps below to successfully add a new User.

Select a title for the new User by making a selection from the Title list. Available options are Mr., Mrs., Ms.

Enter the new User’s first name in the First Name field.

Enter the new User’s middle name, if applicable, in the Middle Name field.

Enter the new User’s last name in the Last Name field.

Enter the new User’s email address in the Email field.

Select the new User’s access level by making a selection from the Access Level list. Available options are Trainee, Supervisor, Instructor.

Enter a description for the new User, if desired, within the Description field.

If you have set up Custom Fields for your account (see Custom Fields section), enter values for these fields for the new User.

Click [ADD NEW USER] to add the new User to the system.

The new User will be added to the Users list on the Users screen. Additionally, a welcome email is generated from [email protected] to your new user. This welcome email will contain information for the new user to log into your training website. Please be sure to white list email coming from ELEAPSOFTWARE.COM as vital information can be blocked or dumped in your bulk or SPAM folder.

Note: You can create as many instructor, supervisor, and/or trainee accounts as you like. Just be sure to assign the relevant Access Level to users when you create their accounts. Remember, you can also edit user accounts later and change their Access Level settings. 

Types of Users

Trainee Users

Trainee users can be assigned to training and other modules in eLeaP. A trainee level user can access assigned courses, learning paths, events or even forums. For a user to be a trainee, they must be created in your account. Users can be created one at a time or uploaded in bulk.

Instructor Users

The INSTRUCTOR level is a secondary level whose functionality is very similar to that of an Administrator. 

INSTRUCTORS are, however, unable to access the COMPANY PROFILE menu or user group and course information that they themselves have not created, or been granted access to by an Administrator.

INSTRUCTORS do have the ability to create additional users, including additional INSTRUCTORS. They can also manage their own quizzes and courses in every detail.

For course collaboration, multiple INSTRUCTORS can be added to a single course.

Supervisor Users

The Supervisors account level enables organizations to provide management oversight for User Groups and teams. When a Supervisor is created and associated with a User Group, they are able to access completion reports for members of that User Group.

To access the User Groups they manage, Supervisors will need to click on [USER GROUPS] from the main top navigation area. The Supervisor can then click on any listed User Groups to view completion and tracking reports for members of that User Group. 

Supervisors are able to download completion reports into Excel documents. They will also receive notifications via email when course deadlines for managed Users and User Groups are expiring or have expired.

Deleting Users

To delete users, click the empty box to the left of their name. You will need to confirm this action by clicking the [Delete Selected Users] link once the box is checked.

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