Event Assignment

While you can enable the public self-enrollment option for your attendees, you can also directly assign your existing users to your events. A direct assignment is quick and ensures that only the right attendees show up for your Event.

To assign users to your Event, click the  tab from the Event details screen.

To assign users to your new Event, click the  button. You can then filter your list by user Name, Access Level or User Group membership.

Check the boxes next to the names you wish to add to your Event and click  to add attendees to your Event.

Once added, your attendees will receive an Event confirmation message like:

Note: Most modern email programs will enable users to click on the Event Date to add the Event reminder to their own calendar. 

Event Status

The Events System has two main statuses: Registration Status and Event Completion Status.

Event Registration Status

Event Registration status indicates the current status of a user’s registration for the specific event. Event registration can be:


An Event user is automatically approved if their registration occurs before the Event Start time and if the registration did not occur after the maximum number of seats allowed has been reached. For example if you create an event with 5 seats, the first 5 users you add to the event or self-register for the event will automatically be approved.

The 6th registrant and subsequent ones will be held in a wait list with the word ‘waiting’ added to their names - 

You can move a user from the Waiting list to Approved by clicking on the [Pending] status to reveal a drop down with options to select Approved, Withdrawn or Pending - 

 Note: Please be careful with changing Event Statuses as this triggers an email notification to the specific user.  


A Pending Event status indicates that there have been more registrations than allowed number of seats.All Pending registrations will have been warned about the event being full. 

An attendee in the Pending status will receive an email notification indicating their Event status.

Any changes to the Pending event status will trigger an email alert the specific users. For example if you change a Pending user to ‘Approved’ or even ‘In Progress’, eLeaP will send an email alerting the user as to their new status.

You must first change a user’s Pending status to ‘Approved’ or ‘Withdrawn’ before you or the system can automatically assign a course to them for completion purposes.


A Withdrawn status is when you need to leave a user in the list of registered users but yet indicate the user as no longer part of the active attendees.

You can add the Withdrawn user back into the list of assigned users.

Event Completion Status

Event Completion status refers to what happened to the registration and subsequent event attendance and completion. Now that a user has registered for your event, are they:

 In Progress:

eLeaP automatically assigns the associated Event course to your assigned users on the day of the Event. This is how the system can help you track and document your Event attendance and completion.

You can force the [In Progress] status change by clicking on the Status field and using the drop down selector to choose the relevant new status; in this case In Progress

 No Show:

A No Show designation means the registered attendee failed to show up at the Event. Use this to conduct your Roll Call.

You can change a No Show status to In Progress or even Completed should you decide it is needed.


Setting a Completed designation or status is the final goal of your Event manager. Once attendees complete the class and course, you may choose to finalize their status by selecting the [Completed] design from the status option. 

If a course is created with a certificate of completion, a course completion certificate can trigger a certificate release. Depending on the individual certificate settings in your associated course, you might have to manually release certificates by clicking the red icon  in the Certificate column.

Please note that eLeaP will send a certificate release notification to the completed user.

Sample Event Status

The illustration below shows a sample Event with the various statuses we discussed above.

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