Use Events to manage classroom training or Instructor-led training. If you need users to self-enroll for upcoming classes or courses, the Events system will deliver.

Selecting the [MANAGE EVENTS] tab from the MANAGE COURSES menu, displays the Events you have created with Name, Created By, Date Created and Action details shown for each Event on the Events list. 

You can filter Events displayed by entering Event name and clicking [APPLY FILTERS].

Event Courses

Your Events require you to prepare a simple tracking course to be attached to your Event. A simple course can be created in 2 minutes. Here’s what do to do:

Add Event Course

Go to [COURSES] main menu or click on [MANAGE COURSES] if you are already in the Courses section. Click [ADD NEW COURSE] to start adding in your new course. 

IMPORTANT: Event courses should not have deadlines set. Also, make sure to set Assignment Notifications to No. This will ensure that users are not getting conflicting email messages. See an illustration below:

You can also duplicate your existing course to make a new course.

Adding a New Event

Selecting the [ADD NEW EVENT] link from the Manage Events screen displays the Add Events screen as shown in the following illustration. Use the steps below to successfully add a new Event to the system.

Use the drop down selector to select a Course to attach to your new Event. Please note that courses are required for Events in order for eLeaP to properly track and document completions. Plus, you can issue certificates, assign quizzes and distribute documents and handouts using the courses. Check the course settings to make sure Assignment notifications are turned off and deadlines are not set.

Enter a Name for the new Event in the Name field.

Enter a Description for your new Event. Descriptions are not mandatory.

Enter a Location for your new Event

Event Settings

Enter the number of available Seats for your new Event. You may leave this field blank or 0 (zero) for unlimited seats.

Select whether your event starts Now or at some future date and time. For a future date and time, select the Fixed time option

a. Should you select Fixed time, use the calendar to select the date and then use the hour selector to select the hour the event starts. 

b. Use the minutes selector to select the minute the event starts. For example, an event that starts at 8:45, you will select 8 for hours and 45 for minutes.

c. Use the AM/PM selector to indicate if your event starts in the morning or afternoon.

Select the Ending time for your Event using the same procedure as in (6) above. You may leave it as Never if you don’t wish to enter an Ending time.

Use the Time Zone selector to indicate in which time zone your event starting and ending time occurs.

Select the option to make this event available for self-enrollment in your Events Calendar.

a. To make the event available, select Yes. Attendees can self-enroll.

Click [ADD EVENT] to create the new Event. It will now be displayed on the Manage Events screen.

The Events details screen for the newly created Event is displayed in the following illustration. You can click [EDIT] to make modifications to the Event. 

You can also click on the Course link to see the details of the Event-associated course. You can make modifications to your course including adding materials, setting up quizzes or even adding in certificates and many other features.

Edit Event

To edit an Event, go to the Manage Events screen and click on [EDIT] next to the Event you want to edit. You can then proceed to change any existing information or setting of the Event you are editing.

When done, click the [SAVE] to make your changes permanent or [CANCEL] to leave the edit screen and go back to the Events listing page.

Delete Event

To delete an Event, click the [DELETE] link in next to the Event in your Event listing. 

You will need to confirm your delete attempt by clicking [OK] on the confirmation window.

Note: Delete is final and irrecoverable. Your Event data will be lost and we cannot retrieve. Please use only if you are sure you want to delete your Event.


eLeaP has made it easy to invite attendees to your event(s). Simply click on the Public link displayed to see the specific Event registration page. You can copy and paste this link into your favorite email program to invite attendees to register for your event.

Another option is to share your Events Calendar link on your website, intranet or via email. Simply copy the link provided and add it to any location your attendees can go to register for your event(s). Your Events Calendar link will be something like

Event Registration page

When your attendees go to an Event registration, they will see the option to either log in to register (for users who already have an account in your company), or to enter their name and email as well as password to create an account to register.

If your event is full, a message will appear alerting you to the event being full.

Subsequent registrations will be held in Pending  status. See more about Event statuses below.

You should see your existing attendees or assigned users in your Event. 

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