To create and deploy completion certificates, click [Certificate] dropdown from the Course Controls dropdown. The Certificate Template screen, illustrated below, is displayed. Use the steps below to create a Certificate Template.

First, select your certificate paper orientation. Your certificate can be any of the following sizes and dimensions:

A4 Landscape (842x595 px)

A4 Portrait (595x842 px)

Letter Landscape (792x612 px)

Letter Portrait (612x792 px)

Next, select your certificate back image to upload. Please note that the background image should be the same dimensions as the certificate orientation in the step one. Also note that the background should be an image file like PNG, JPEG, or GIF. Click [Background] tab to upload your own background design for your certificate of completion. Follow the on-page instructions to add in your certificate background.

Use the following options, as appropriate, for your Completion Certificate:

Add <Trainee Name> by clicking [+Trainee]

Add <Instructor Name> by clicking [+Instructor]

Add <Course Name> by clicking [+Course]

Add other fields including custom fields by clicking [+Other]

To position/reposition inserted fields in your certificate, use the drag and drop option within inserted field block. Once the desired position is achieved, feel free to use other formatting like [B], left/right alignment, font size or font color to further customize your certificate. When a field is added to the Template, as shown in the following illustration, you can modify its appearance using the available options. You can set the text alignment as Left (L), Center (C) or Right (R), set the Color for the text by clicking the color picker, make the text Bold by clicking [B], and set the Font Size for the text by modifying the px value.

Select either the Manually, After course completion, or After course and quiz completion option from the Release Certificate drop down. For example: you can manage this process manually or issue certificates after a course is completed. You can also set eLeaP to automatically release a certificate if a user has successfully completed a quiz assessment.

Toggle the Certificate Template Ready for Download option to ON or leave it OFF, to indicate whether or not the Certificate Template is ready to be downloaded.

Once you have added all of the Fields that you are going to use, click  to display a Preview of the Certificate.

Once you are satisfied with the options/selections you have chosen, click . As shown in the following illustration, the system confirms that your changes have been saved.

Note: If your certificate is set to release upon a successful Quiz completion, you need to make sure you have created and set up or activated your quiz.

To quickly create a new Certificate, you can copy one that was created for another course by selecting that Course on the Copy certificate from drop-down, as shown in the following illustration, and clicking [COPY].

The system displays a warning message before performing the copy function to ensure that is your intention. Click [OK] to perform the copy function.

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