Selecting the  button from the Course Definition dropdown displays the Ecommerce screen, illustrated below. Select the I want to sell this course on my eLeaP e-catalog check box if you want to sell this Course on your eLeaP e-catalog.

The screen expands, as shown in the following illustration, so that you can configure the necessary settings to accomplish this task. Use the steps below to successfully configure these settings.

Within the Category tags portion of the screen:

Use category tagsto describe your course (alphanumeric characters only, comma separated,e.g. IT, web, programming; usedashes to separate multiple words in the same tag, e.g. Personal-development). 

Within the Description section of the screen:

Enter in the product description that would motivate buyers to purchase your course. If you want to add video, you can embed video from YouTube or Vimeo or other sources. Let us know and we can help you.

Within the Pricing Model portion of the screen:

Use Standard Pricing if you have a simple single price per license regardless of how many are purchased. Enter the price for a single user to take a Course;for example, $10.Use the [Multi License pricing] if you wish to create more complex pricing. 

Note: You can create your own multi user price based on the number of users below. For example, for a total number of users between 1 and 150, the price per user is $50. You can also change to Volume-based multi-license pricing. 

You can use Volume pricing or turn off Volume pricing and use Tiered pricing for the Multi-license pricing calculation.Select either the Sum of previous order and new order total or the only new order total radio button as the Calculate upgrade pricing using method option, as appropriate to this Course. Enter the upper range value in the Upper Range field for the number of Users and then click [ADD PRICE]. The pricing will be added to the Pricing Structure. Once pricing has been added, you can click the delete link to remove it. 

Note: Since pricing is cumulative, deleting a single price level will void all other price levels.

Within the Upload picture portion of the screen:

Click the [CHOOSE FILES] link. While eLeaP does not require a course image for posting eCommerce courses, an image for display and marketing purposes is incredibly. Images can be in JPG, GIF or PNG format. After clicking [CHOOSE FILES], the screen expands to display your files. Simply select an image file and click [OPEN] to upload your image file.

Within the Sample File portion of the screen:

Click the [CHOOSE FILES] link. eLeaP requires a course sample for display and marketing purposes. Samples can be in PDF format. The screen expands to display your files. Simply select a file and click [OPEN] to upload your sample file.

Within the Extend Your Reach section of the screen:

Toggle the ON button to make your approved course available for purchase on the main eLeaP learning catalog located at (Recommended) Toggle the ON button to submit your eCommerce course for activation. Toggle ON for Yes, I am ready to sell this course. Click [SAVE ECOMMERCE SETTINGS] to save your changes to the system.

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