In eLeaP v5, we consolidated the Settings into the Course Definition area. To see course settings, click [COURSE DEFINITION] tab in the Manage course screen

Definition of Course Settings 

  • Active – Course Active/Inactive toggle

  • Assignment Notifications – Toggle to allow/disallow system assignment notifications

  • Active Feedback – Toggle to allow/disallow Feedback form in course

  • Active Discuss – Toggle to allow or disallow Course Discussion

  • E-Signature Required – Toggle to enforce/disallow E-Signature as course completion requirement

  • Available After Completion – Toggle to allow/disallow user access to content after they complete their course.

  • Deadline – Toggle deadline to enable/disable deadline for course completion.

Advanced Settings

To see the Course Advanced settings, click the [SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS] link in the Standard settings section. Within the Advanced settings portion of the screen:

  • Toggle the Auto Re-Assignment to ON if you need to re-assign your course sometime in the future – like annual training. Use the calendar to select the re-assignment date.

  • Toggle the Non Completion Notification to ON if you want to send a course summary report showing individual who have not completed the course by the due date.

  • Toggle the Require Feedback to ON if you want to enforce a feedback form submission as a condition for course completion.

  • If you have multiple instructors in a course, use the Notification Contact option to select a primary instructor to be the notification contact. If you don’t see this feature in your account but would like to have it activated, send an email to [email protected] (include your eLeaP account URL).

  • Lock Trainee Lesson Order – To ensure that trainees view your course lessons in the exact order you designed them, toggle this toON. This prevents users from ‘skipping’ around in your course. This means that users will be required to complete each lesson sequentially. They can’t go to lesson ‘C’ without first viewing lessons ‘A’ and ‘B’. 

  • Click [SAVE] to save these settings to the system. 

Note: To make the minimum time requirement feature work well, combine it with a quiz assessment. eLeaP will not allow a user to access the quiz without spending the requisite amount of time on your course.

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