Selecting the [STATS] tab on the Course screen displays the Stats & Completion Report screen, as shown in the illustration below. This screen displays all Stats & Completion Reports on a Completion Reports list, with the Name, Email, Progress, Quiz, Quiz Completed, Release Certificate, Deadline, Active/Inactive status and Set Completed status details shown for each report on the list.

The top part of the Completion Report displays beautiful charts like this

Clicking on the [Completion Report] sub tab takes you to the details individual user completion data for your course.

You can filter the results displayed on this screen by making a selection from the User list and/or the User Group list, using the From/To date range selector to specify the date or date range for which you want the completion data.

The Completion Report displays several Progress statuses including:

  • [QUIZ NOT COMPLETED] means the user has not submitted their quiz for auto or manual grading.

  • [E-SIGNATURE REQUIRED] means the user has not submitted an e-Signature to signify completion.

  • [COMPLETED] means the user has met all requirements for course completion.

  • [FEEDBACK REQUIRED] [means the user has not submitted a required feedback form.

  • [NOT STARTED] means the user has not started the course.

  • [IN PROGRESS] means the user is in progress (note progress percentage).

Clicking on the [Quiz Results] tab in the course completion report and stats page takes you to the quiz results details for the specific course.

[DOWNLOAD COMPLETION REPORT AS XLS] and [DOWNLOAD STATS AS PDF] enable you to download your completion report data as an Excel or PDF respectively.

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