Selecting the USERS tab under the [ASSIGN] section of the Managed Course screen displays the Assigned Users screen, illustrated below. This screen is used to assign Users within the system to a Course. To begin the process, click the [ASSIGN NEW USERS] button.

The Assign Users screen, illustrated below, is displayed. You can filter the Users displayed here by entering a Name in the Name field, selecting a User Type from the User Type list, and/or selecting a User Group from the User Group list, and then clicking [FILTER] .

To assign Users to the Course, select their check box on the Users list, and then click [ADD SELECTED]. As shown in the following illustration, the system confirms that the Users have been added. You can click a User’s Email link to send them Notification Emails pertaining to the Course at any time. Additionally, you can once again select the assign new users link to add additional Users or select Users on the Users list and click unassign selected users to remove them from the Course.

The User who has been assigned to the Course will receive a Notification Email similar to the following example.

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