When the Discuss function is activated  in the Course Definitions screen during the creation of a Course, the [Discuss] icon will appear in the assigned course submenu, as shown in the following illustration, providing you with access to a course-specific discussion board for the Course. Informal learning is a powerful yet under-appreciated asset. Many organizations can benefit from providing a forum for discussions and exchange of ideas. Why don’t you set the ball rolling, break the ice so to speak, by creating a topic of conversation.

To work with the Discuss feature, begin by clicking the [ADD NEW TOPIC] button, as shown in the following illustration.

The Add New Topic screen, illustrated below, is displayed.

Enter the new Topic’s name in the Name field.

Enter a Comment pertaining to the new Topic in the Comment field.

Select a Type for the new Topic from the Type drop down.Available options are Public (access to students and the instructor(s) or Private – goes to your instructor only.

Click [SUBMIT] . This will get your users started on sharing ideas, strategies, and best practices. This is how to get your informal learning system started. The system confirms that the new Topic has been added to the Whiteboard, as shown in the following illustration.

As shown in the following illustration, the Topic is now on the Topic list and you can continue to add additional Topics, as necessary, by re-using the add new topic link.

Additionally, clicking on the Topic Name displays the Topic Details screen, as shown in the following illustration.

Now your users can select the add your comment link to add their comment(s), and other Users and/or the Instructor can use the reply link to respond, expanding the dialog between those with access to the Topic.

eLeaP™ wants to help you succeed. Use these powerful tools to enhance the learning experience of your users or trainees.

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