When the Feedback function is activated using the [ACTIVE FEEDBACK] toggle in the Course Definition area, the [FEEDBACK] tab will appear in the assigned course submenu, as shown in the illustration below, providing you with access to the Feedback Assessment Tool. 

Post-Course Assessment or Feedback is a great tool to measure how well your e-learning or training program is achieving its objectives. Do you want to know which areas of your course need improvement? How about how effectively you are training and testing your trainees? Can you improve your use of multimedia presentations? 

These are important questions. Use the eLeaP™ system feedback option to gather critical intelligence that will enhance your e-learning and training program. 

eLeaP™ wants you to succeed so we have created this simple yet powerful Post-Course Feedback assessment tool.

Add Feedback Form Fields

Clicking [FEEDBACK[ from the Course submenu dropdown will display the Feedback Form screen, illustrated below. To construct a Feedback Form, begin by clicking the [ADD NEW FIELD] button, as shown in the following illustration.

The Add Field screen, illustrated below, is displayed.

Enter a name for the new Field in the Field Name field.

Select a type for the new Field from the Type list.

Types of Feedback Form Fields

Title: for user title such as Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr., etc. 

Text Area: for comment or short essay type feedback 

Check Box: if you want your users to be able to check the relevant option(s). Example of feedback options include: Yes or No, True or False, Will you take this course again, Which of these answers apply to you? 

Combo List: To allow your users to select from several options. Simply separate the various options using comma (,). For example, if you want your users to rate your course: 

Field name: Please rate your experience with XYZ course. 

Type: Combo List 

Required: Checked 

Value list: I really loved it, Not bad, Ok I guess, Horrible, Don’t want to ever take this course 

Place it: Wherever you like! 

[Add Field] 

Select the Required check box to make the new Field a required field.

Make a selection from the Place it list to indicate where the new field will be placed. Additional options will be available here once you have added a number of fields. Let’s say you have created 20 feedback fields and then you realized you needed to ask for some more demographic information in the field number 5; simply create the necessary new field, use the [Place it] tool to insert the new feedback question or field in the relevant position.

Click . The system confirms that the new Field has been added. You can now re-use the add new field link to add as many additional fields as you need to complete the Feedback Form.

Note: Make sure you have (on your Course Definitions page) toggled [Active Feedback] to ON. This will make your feedback assessment available to your users. 

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