Clicking [FAQ] from the Course submenu dropdown allows you to create a database of FAQ information associated with the Course using the FAQ screen, illustrated below. As shown in the illustration, this screen is blank as you begin to create your FAQ material. Click the [ADD NEW FAQ] button to create a new Frequently Asked Question.

The Add New FAQ screen, illustrated below, is displayed. Simply add your question in the Question box, enter the answer to that question in the Answer box, and then click [SUBMIT].

As shown in the following illustration, the system confirms that the FAQ has been added and displays it on an FAQ list. 

Clicking the Question on the FAQ list displays the answer beneath it, as shown in the following illustration.

You can now click the [ADD NEW FAQ] button to add additional FAQs, click the edit link to edit the currently selected FAQ, or click the delete link to delete the currently selected FAQ.

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