A glossary is a list of terms and definitions. Traditionally, a Glossary appears at the end of a book and includes terms within that book which are either newly introduced or are at least uncommon. Clicking [GLOSSARY] from the Course submenu dropdown displays the Glossary screen, illustrated below, which allows you to add a Glossary of Terms to a Course. As shown in the illustration, click the [ADD NEW TERM] button to add a new Glossary Term.

The Add New Term screen, illustrated below, is displayed. Enter the Glossary Term within the Word field, the Definition for the Glossary Term in the Definition field, and then click  to save the Glossary Term to the system.

As shown in the following illustration, the Glossary Term is added to the Glossary associated with this Course. Once you have added more than one screen load of Glossary Terms, you can quickly locate specific terms for editing purposes by entering the term in the Term field and/or making a selection from the Search Parameters list, and then clicking [SEARCH]. 

You can also quickly locate all of the Glossary Terms that begin with the same letter by selecting that letter on the Letter bar. As shown in the following illustration, clicking the letter E displays the Glossary Term that we just added.

You can click add new term as many times as necessary to add additional Glossary Terms, and you can click the edit link for a line on the Glossary Terms list to modify a term’s Word or Definition, or click the delete link to remove that term from the Glossary.

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