There may be times when you want to make use of a Course’s Chapters and Lessons, but perhaps add additional content to it, or remove content from it, to create a new Course. The Duplication option makes this a much quicker process than creating an additional Course from scratch. To duplicate a course, click the course submenu dropdown arrow in the Course Management tabs. 

The system displays a warning message before proceeding with the duplication. 

Click [OK] to proceed with the duplication or click [CANCEL] to cancel the duplication process.

As shown in the following illustration, the system confirms that the Course has been duplicated, and you can click the View new course link to display the new Course. 

As shown in the following illustration, the Manage course screen for the duplicated course is displayed, and you can now use any of the links and functionality available on this screen to modify the Course’s details and create an additional course.

Additionally, the duplicated Course is displayed in the Courses list within the Courses screen.

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