Selecting [COURSES] tab on the main menu bar displays the Manage Courses screen, illustrated below. The MANAGE COURSES tab displays the Courses that you have created with the Name, Category, Instructor and Date Created details shown for each Course on the Courses list. You can change a Course’s Status to Inactive by clicking the icon within that Course’s Active column.

You can filter the Courses displayed on the Courses list by selecting either a Course Name from the Course Name list or a Course Category from the Course Category list, or both, and then by clicking the [APPLY FILTERS] button.


Adding a New Course

Selecting the [ADD NEW COURSE]  button on the Manage Courses screen displays the Add Course screen, as shown in the following illustration. Use the steps below to successfully add a new Course to the system.

Select [STANDARD] for a regular course or [OBSERVATION CHHECKLIST]  for an Observation Assessment course.

Enter a Name for the new Course in the Name field.

Select a Category with which to associate the new Course from the Category list.

Add additional Instructors to help manage your course

Enter a Description (optional) for the new Course within the Description editor.

Enter the Objectives for the new Course within the Objectives editor.

In the Course Settings section, you can

Toggle the Assignment Notifications option to OFF if don’t want the system sending email notifications to Users assigned to the new Course; otherwise, leave it ON.

Toggle the Active Feedback to ON option if you want to enable the Active Feedback function; otherwise, leave as OFF option.

Toggle the Active Discuss to ON if you want to add a Forum-specific Discussion board for the Course; otherwise leave as OFF option. 

Toggle the E-Signature Required to ON if you want to enforce a digital signature for Course completion; otherwise, leave it as OFF.

Toggle the Available After Completion option to OFF if you don’t want to allow Users who have completed the new Course continued access to it; otherwise, leave it as ON.

Toggle Deadline to ON if you want to impose a deadline for completion of the new Course; otherwise, leave it as OFF.

Advanced Course Settings: Clicking the [SHOW ADVANCED SETTINGS] displays the course advanced settings.

  • Toggle the Auto Re-Assignment to ON if you need to re-assign your course sometime in the future – like annual training. Use the calendar to select the re-assignment date.

  • Toggle the Non Completion Notification to ON if you want to send a course summary report showing individual who have not completed the course by the due date.

  • Toggle the Require Feedback to ON if you want to enforce a feedback form submission as a condition for course completion.

  • If you have multiple instructors in a course, use the Notification Contact option to select a primary instructor to be the notification contact. 

Click [SAVE]  to create the new Course. It will now be displayed on the Courses list on the Manage Courses screen.

The Course Details screen for the newly created Course is displayed, as shown in the following illustration. Click the [COURSE DEFINITION]  tab to make any modifications necessary to the Course. 

You can also click the [DUPLICATE] option in the course definition drop down to make a copy of the Course, which is especially useful if a majority of the Course’s details will be similar to any additional Courses that you want to create. 

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