Selecting the COMPANY PROFILE option on the drop-down menu at the upper right-hand corner of the screen, as shown in the following illustration, allows you to modify your Company Profile information.

The Company Profile screen, illustrated below, is displayed. This screen consists of five or six tabs (depending on account type): Company Profile (displayed by default), Billing, Payment Profiles, Receipts, Invoices, API and Audit Trail. Clicking the EDIT PROFILE button, located in the right-hand side of the screen, allows you to modify the Company Info, Instructions, Notification email, Language and Date format settings for your account. Clicking the Upload logo link allows you to upload your company’s logo, which will be displayed within the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Editing Your Profile Fields

As mentioned above, clicking the  [EDIT COMPANY] button on the Company Profile screen allows you to make changes to your Company Profile’s settings using the Edit Company Profile screen, as shown in the following illustration. Use the steps below to successfully make changes to your Company Profile using this screen.

Use the Company Info Editor to add information about your Company.

Use the Instructions Editor to add Instructions.

Make a different selection on the Date format list to use one of the other available date formats.

Use the Language dropdown to select the default language for your account.

Change the Email Address within the Notification email field to change the address to which Notification Emails will be sent.

Auto Logout for inactivity can also be set using the Logout users after field. Simply indicate the number of minutes of inactivity the system should set before it logs inactive users out.

Click [SAVE] to save your changes to the system.

Special Instructions

eLeaP V5 has an option to show important company instructions to users when they first log into the system as well as when they click on the dropdown from their profile area.

To add Special Instructions, click the [EDIT COMPANY] button and go to the [Instructions] section

From the Trainee’s view, the Special Instructions looks like:

Auto Logout Time

eLeaP has an auto logout feature for companies who need to comply to 21 Part 11 and other compliance regulations. By default, the auto logout is set at 0 or unlimited. Changing this number activates the auto logout feature.

For example, if you want to set an auto logout setting for 60 minutes, this is how:

Note that for auto logout to work, the users have to maintain inactivity for the duration of the auto logout time frame. Moving their cursor resets the clock.

Uploading your Company Logo

Clicking the CHANGE button on the Company Profile screen allows you to incorporate your company logo into your instance of the eLeaP application. 

Simply navigate or browse to the location of your organization’s logo file on your computer. Select the logo file and click .

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