If logging into the system for the first time, you can see a ‘Special Instructions’ page if your organization has added specific company related instructions or information for the company. If special instructions do exist, you might see a page like this:

Note: Users will not be able to close this “Special Instructions” page until the click the [See Special Instructions] button or [Company Description] link and scroll to the bottom of the page. They will see the option to click to go to their account dashboard.

If your organization does not have any special instructions, users simply login directly to their dashboard.

Dashboard Sections

The Dashboard is actually 5 sections in one. The various dashboard sections are: 

Status & Notifications

The Status & Notifications area displays a visual summary of a user’s activity in the system. Here, users can see Course Completion, Learning Path Completion, and Average Quiz Score Summaries. Users also see latest notifications regarding account activity.

Assigned Courses Quick Stats & Access

My Assigned Courses Quick Stats & access enables users to see the current [My Assigned Courses] as well as quick access filters based on course status. For all example, users can click the various Quick Stats charts or links to go directly to a filtered assigned course list. If users are interested in courses that are [In Progress], they simply click the [IN PROGRESS] to go to the list of assigned courses that are in progress.

Other quick access options include:

Clicking on [SEE COMPLETION REPORT] link downloads the user’s completion report. To see all assigned courses, the user will click on the [ALL COURSES] link.

Assigned Courses Tiles

The v5 of eLeaP introduces course tiles. Course tiles provide a more visual impact and course information to enable users to quickly access their assigned courses. Please note that the course tiles will display the latest course assignments. The total number of titles is dependent on the screen size of the device used to access the system.

The course titles display important information including course status changes. 

Assigned Learning Paths

The assigned Learning Path section has been revamped in v5. Users now see learning path details, progress status as well as any detected new changes from previous completions. A clear [NEW CHANGES] indicator appears when course completion changes are detected within the previously completed learning path. In addition to this, we also have a new alert icon to call attention to changes.

Events Calendar

An Events calendar section enables users to easily see enrolled events as well as upcoming events. Users will be able to self-enroll in non-private events. The calendar can be advanced to see upcoming events in other months. Users can click on [ALL EVENTS] to see all events they are enrolled in or assigned to.

If an event has a public registration option, users can visit the account registration page.

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