Sometimes content you click on especially the type we call SCORM content can appear as a blank page. SCORM content is the type lesson where you click the [Launch Course] or [Relaunch Course] buttons. 

When content appears blank, it is 99% of time due to the fact the that content is created in Flash and therefore is not viewable in most browsers unless some changes are made. Different browsers treat flash content differently. It is possible to switch browsers and have this problem fixed. 

Solution steps:

  1. Check if Flash is activated on your browser.

  2. Here's how to activate Flash - 

  1. If activating Flash does not clear this, can you switch Internet browsers and use a different browser to access the course? 

  2. If the issue still persist, contact eLeaP support by sending email to [email protected]. Please provide as much detail as possible including any solution steps you have already tried.

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